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Hobbit Meme: [1/3] Races - Dwarves

"Since they were to come in the days of the power of Melkor, Aulë made the Dwarves strong to endure. Therefore they are stone-hard, stubborn, fast in friendship and in enmity, and they suffer toil and hunger and hurt of body more hardily than all other speaking peoples; and they live long, far beyond the span of Men, yet not forever."

Make me choose:
 asked: Mitchell or Kili?

Aragorn, son of Arathorn


tv tropes + lotr

↳ character tropes: boromir

The king is n e v e r safe.

Two Swords + Jaime Lannister’s sass

Make Me Choosemodestclick asks: Eleven’s brown jacket or purple jacket?

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